Justin Bieber Jokes He and Hailey Bieber Have an “Arranged Marriage”


What do you mean?

By now, the world knows that Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber make the cutest married couple. But according to the “Yummy” singer, the duo’s first interaction was almost too good to be true. During his visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, Justin told guest host Demi Lovato about the day that he met his wife for the first time and joked that their parents set them up for an arranged marriage.

“We met in the early mornings of a TODAY Show taping,” he began. “We, um, I’m pretty sure she didn’t want to be there…her dad dragged her out of bed in the morning and basically was like, ‘You know…’ I think, because she was raised Christian, and I think she…they found out that, like, I—I think it was an arranged marriage, I’m pretty sure. I’m not…Looking back now, I’m like, It was definitely an arranged marriage. Like, they set this whole thing up.”

Justin’s revelation continued: “No, but um, since, like you know, she was raised Christian and she’s like, ‘Oh, I wanna, you know, introduce you Justin and his mom, you know, they have similar values and believe the same thing. We think you guys would be good friends’—It was definitely an arranged marriage now that I’m thinking about it. Goodness gracious!”

Amused by the story, Demi chimed in, “Well, Mom, Dad, if you’re listening. It’s time, because I’m 27…arrange it up.”

All kidding aside, the Justin Bieber: Seasons star couldn’t help but gush over his bride. In fact, he told Demi that he’s excited to hit the road with her when he starts touring his new album Changes.

“Well, it’s gonna be my first time traveling married, so we’re gonna do a lot of fun stuff,” he said. “See the world. Yeah, do it together. It’s gonna be cool.” 

Giving Hailey her stamp of approval, Demi shared a sweet story of how she was her “guardian angel” during a high-pressure event. “Hailey, for anyone that doesn’t know, I like to joke around with Scooter Braun] that she’s, like, my little guardian angel because I had a really bad—like, any time I’m having a bad night, she just appears and makes it better,” the “I Love Me” singer shared. “She’s that type of girl. Like, at the Met Gala, I had a horrible experience and she waited at the top of the stairs with me for 45 minutes. And it was just the sweetest thing.”

See the moment Justin realizes he had an arranged marriage and find out which Bachelor Nation star goes to his and Demi’s church in the video above!

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