Justin Bieber May Have Just Spoiled The Bachelor Finale

Warning, Bachelor Nation: possible spoilers ahead, courtesy of Justin Bieber. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Biebs told the story of how he met Peter Weber, and his seemingly innocent revelation might have just ruined the entire season for fans everywhere. 

"We watch The Bachelor," Bieber told guest host Demi Lovato, who is also devoted follower of the franchise. "[Peter] was at church the other night…I went up to him and I was like, 'I feel like I know you.'" Justin, Demi, and, now it appears, Peter, all are members of the youth-driven Hillsong Church.  

Nearly jumping out of her chair by the news, Demi responded, "You know me, and we go to the same church, and you didn't text me and be like 'Yo Pilot Pete is here.'" Clearly consumed by the frustration of missing her chance to meet Peter, Demi failed to realize that Justin's sighting could be a gigantic clue as to who receives Weber's final rose. 

In case you forgot, a big plot point of this season has centered around contestant Madison Prewett's virginity. Before the overnight dates, Prewett, a devout Christian, told Peter that she was saving herself for marriage and revealed that it would be tough for her to stay on the show if Weber was intimate with any of the other remaining ladies. 

Throughout the season, Peter has also told Madison how her values inspire him to be a better Christian, and judging by his recent appearance at Hillsong, he may be prioritizing his faith for the special someone in his life. Or, there's always the possibility that he's just be the latest celebrity recruit by the congregation, considering his new reality star status.

Cue the fan theories. 

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