Kate Middleton and Prince William Surprised Students and Teachers With a Sweet Video Call

These days, our news feeds are filled with sobering statistics and devastating on-the-ground stories from the frontline. Of course—there's a global pandemic happening, and it's important to know the facts and learn how to best keep ourselves and others safe. But life is all about balance, which means we need to see and hear heartwarming tales too. A delightful Hamilton reunion, Ina Garten's wildly large cosmopolitan recipe, Lizzo's failed attempts at making bougie coffee—these things spark joy. And Kate Middleton and Prince William are the latest public figures to do their part, surprising teachers and students in the U.K. with an endearing video call.

A recap of their check-in was posted to the Kensington Palace Instagram account on Wednesday, April 8. "Teachers across the UK are dedicating their time to keeping schools open for the children of key workers and vulnerable children," the caption reads. "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge called teachers and school staff at Casterton Primary Academy to thank them for their hard work and dedication — and to wish the children a very Happy Easter."

In the video, Kate and Will are at their most charming, praising the kids on their art skills, casually introducing themselves as "Catherine and William," and openly regretting that they didn't put on bunny ears for the occasion. At one point, Kate even teases William for eating the family's stash of chocolate.

They do get sentimental as well, thanking the staff for their hard work taking care of the children of key workers. "All the parents who are key workers to know their children are…the normality is there for them and they've got the structure and they've got a safe place to be…so really, really well done to all of you," Kate says to several of the school workers. "I know it's not easy circumstances, but it's fantastic."

It's rare to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this relatable and low-key. Now that I've had a taste, I want more. I mean, they haven't even figured out their best Zoom angles!

People on Twitter seem to agree. "My heart is melting," one user wrote. "This is why we love the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge," another said. The best summary only took three words: "Simplicity. Sincerity. Efficiency."

Watch Kate Middleton and Prince William's video chat, below.

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