Kates skills highlight her sense of humour like Dianas

A royal body language has likened Princess Kate’s body language to that of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, in the pre-recorded clip for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Behavioural analyst Darren Staton said the royal exuded confidence as she made she joined the musical by playing Ukraine’s winning entry from last year.

The royal wore a one-shoulder gown designed by Jenny Packham for the surprise pre-recorded clip shown at the opening musical.

The video showed a Duchess who is “very comfortable in her skin and […] all matters of life,” wrote Darren Staton on behalf of Spin Genie.

As Kate showed off her piano skills, her personality shone through just like Diana, who she holds in “high regard”.

“She’s very comfortable in her […] skin and all manners of life and we see this through her style too – we see her just as confident in her bolder more regal outfits as she is in a polo shirt and jeans, just like Princess Diana was.

“Kate Playing the piano at Eurovision was a fantastic piece of footage,” added Stanton. “Her facial expression here was one of genuine happiness, joy, and elation.

“It just shows that she has hidden skills and she’s not afraid to show those skills. She‘s happy to show the public what she can do outside of her royal duties.

“Again, it’s a testament to her inner confidence and great sense of humour too, and we saw her at ease behind the piano.”

Above everything, it was clear that the Duchess was having a good time as she joined other British contributors, including Sam Ryder and Joss Stone.

Stanton added: “She was enjoying herself, her facial expressions fully engaged and her smile was beaming.

“Kate’s whole demeanor was extremely natural behind the piano and you can tell it’s a real passion of hers.”

Speaking of the event, a message shared on the Prince and Princess of Wales’ Twitter account stated: “A pleasure to join Kalush Orchestra in a special performance of last year’s winning Eurovision entry. Enjoy the show, Liverpool.

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