Lazy flytippers turn disused lane into ‘horrendous’ road of rubbish

Flytippers are being allowed to pile rubbish on this disused carriageway with no officials taking action.

Locals complain that the road, built 20 years ago, is now full of vehicle parts, industrial waste and domestic trash.

Brian Miles said: “It’s horrendous. There is thousands upon thousands of tonnes of waste and it just grows. Nothing ever gets taken away.

“Everything you can imagine is down there… remnants of a beauty salon, advertising hoardings, domestic waste, building waste and tyres.” The only thing he has seen the road used for, apart from dumping trash, was to film sequences for BBC’s Doctor Who.

The road off the A48 in Coedkernew, South Wales, was built during the development of the Imperial Park estate when electronics firm LG set up its factory in Newport with a promise of more than 6,000 jobs.

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The plant has since closed.

Mr Miles, chairman of Wentlooge Community Council, says he has repeatedly raised the dumping with authorities but it is unclear who is ultimately responsible for the land.

He added: “There’s rats everywhere. People are up in arms about it.”

Newport city council is listed as sole owner of the land at HM Land Registry.

The council declined to confirm this.

But the Welsh Government insisted: “The road is owned by Newport city council. Welsh Government owns a plot adjacent and this is partially impacted by the fly-tipping that has accrued on the council-owned part over the years.”

Newport city council said: “The land is owned by a number of organisations and private owners.

“We’re working with partners including [the] Welsh Government to establish all ownership details so we can prosecute and prevent further dumping.”

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