Linda Lusardi, 61, ‘taken to death’s door’ by coronavirus after hospital dash

Linda Lusardi's husband Sam Kane has said his former Page 3 model wife was on "death's door" after they were both hospitalised with coronavirus symptoms.

Sam took to Facebook to update friends, family and fans about his and Linda's condition, which saw them taken to hospital.

The 51-year-old wrote: "I can't stress enough that this is not 'just a flu bug'.

"I've watched this take my girl to death's door. I've felt it take me there.

"It's a cruel, vile, remorseless, relentless, dark sickness."

The actor explained: "It was like three hands. One that's strangling you. One pushing your face down as it does. The other one ripping your heart out of your chest and it just doesn't stop… for days.

"You're totally helpless and in its grasp. It's nothing like flu."

He urged those that follow him: "Please stop going out. Passing this around will mean it just takes longer until we're back to normal.

"Please stay safe people. Two weeks away from anyone else outside your family should see this gone.

"It's that simple. Please stay in."

Sam confirmed that he had tested positive for COVID-19 after he and Linda were tested when they developed symptoms.

At the time he shared that update, Linda was yet to received her results, however he was "certain" that she is also positive.

He explained: "We're told a lot of tests taken come back negative as the testing process is so sensitive.

"They tell me that tests, in a lot of cases, are false negatives.

"Linda and I both had textbook symptoms. God knows where we got it. But we did."

He thanked the NHS for being "beyond incredible" and for the care that front line staff gave the two of them.

Over the weekend, Sam updated followers on Facebook telling them that Linda had "turned a corner".

He reassured everyone that she was eating and drinking and feeling a little better.

Last week, Linda spoke of how she was feeling herself, tweeting that she and Sam had "never felt this ill, ever".

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