Lisa Snowdon shares throwback pic of Eamonn Holmes saying he’s her ‘Man Crush’

Lisa Snowdon took to her official account to share an a rare and old image of her good friend Eamon Holmes, who looked every bit the stud in the throwback image.

The photo showcased Eamonn as quite the style icon in his heyday wearing a navy blue trench coat, with the collar popped, looking rather dapper with his hair groomed and styled.

Eamon posed for shot like a true model as he glanced away into the distance while smouldering for the camera.

Lisa couldn't help but repost the image of her friend Eamonn, even though she revealed to fans he wouldn't be best pleased with her for doing so.

Captioning the blast-from-the-past image, the 49 year old bombshell wrote: "Moody blues and my Man Crush Monday goes out to my good friend and all round brilliant human this is Eamonn Holmes.

"This will put a pep in your step and a smile on your face for the start of this rather challenging week ahead.

"By the way he is going to kill me for posting this and he may never speak to me again. Worth the risk hey ladies?"

Taking the risk and posting the picture anyway, paid dividends for the TV hunk as women flocked in the masses to add to add their comments and also agree with Lisa that he did look rather suave.

One person gushed: "Core I would."

Another chimed the lyrics of Salt n Pepper's hit track Whatta Man: "What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man."

A third said: "Phwoar what a nice pic! I'm with you Lisa. Well done for posting."

While a fourth added: "Smooth, complete fitty."

Eamonn, 60, was quick to the post, lapping up the gushing praise from many admirers on the digital platform.

He said: "Never speak to you? Best publicity I've has in a long time.

"Thank you not only for the pic but for the lovely words, you're a good friend."

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