Lotus Honors Emerson Fittipaldi With Limited-Edition Evija EV Hypercar

In case the Lotus Evija wasn’t rare enough for you, the British marque has just unveiled its next masterpiece — the limited-edition Emerson Fittipaldi Evija.

Restricted to just eight units — which have all been sold — the Evija Fittipaldi harks back to Lotus‘ days of Formula 1 with a black and gold colorway drawn from the iconic Lotus Type 72 race car. Here, the livery adorns not just the lightweight, futuristic body, but also the wheels and the interior, a place where recycled original Type 72 aluminum has been used to create rotary dials for the driver’s use.

The exterior has been hand-painted while special touches, including a hand-tinted plan view of the Type 72 etched into the exposed carbon fiber roof and Fittipaldi’s signature hand-stitched into the dashboard, also make this Evija particularly special. Aside from the unique touches, Lotus’ electric car maintains its “most powerful car in the world” credentials with 2,000 PS being delivered from the EV motors, which is good enough to ensure a 0-62 MPH time of under three seconds and a limited top speed of 217 MPH.

Speaking on the car, Jenson Button said: “It sounds like a jet engine! You think of an EV as quiet but it’s not. The torque is astronomical. It’s amazing, it puts a big smile on your face. It feels like a spaceship, the drivability and direction in the steering certainly lets you know you are driving a Lotus; I am amazed by the agility of it.”

Take a look at the Lotus Evija Fittipaldi above.

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