Man builds two incredible high-rise towers for his cats

A man built two luxurious, high-rise towers for his cat to live in, and so many people liked the pictures that he is now sharing the building plans.

Rob Coutu from Windsor, Connecticut, wanted to create something really special for his feline companion – Zach, a Savannah cat – something that would allow him to really indulge in his deepest passion, climbing.

So, he set about building the elegant towers to make life as fun as possible for his kitty.

The two towers have balconies, decks for Zach to perch on, 3D printed windows, window boxes with colourful flowers, and a sky-high bridge connecting the two constructions, so the cats can move between them with ease.

The project started last year when Zach posted a mock-up design of his ideal tower on a Facebook group, and people loved the idea so much the group now 15,000 people following the progress of the construction and the reaction of the kitty.

So far, the building project has cost Rob around $3,500, plus the hours of work he has put in.

Construction began in May last year, and improvements are still being made. In the Facebook group, Rob posts regular pictures of his cat Zach enjoying the towers, and all the little details that make the structures so unique.

Writing in a recent post on the group, Rob said that it was ‘humbling’ to see the responses to his project, and said that he was now considering making towers for other cat owners who wanted them.

‘Because of the demand, I am considering making them for people as a custom install, once I have sorted out all the legal stuff,’ wrote Rob. ‘That said, the price would vary but the larger tower shown on the left would most like start around $5,800 est. plus tax and any extra related fees.

‘I will most likely offer the building plans (price not yet determined), once I can secure a non-piracy secure version to sell.

‘Custom designs will be offered at additional costs for both build and blueprints,’ he adds. ‘Do not take any shortcuts in building or purchasing these when they become available as the safety of the kitties are my foremost focus.’

Fans of the towers were delighted at the prospect of having one for themselves.

‘Such wonderful work; your cats are well-loved,’ commented Louise. ‘When you’ve sorted through all the legal issues (which can be daunting), we would be interested in blueprints.’

‘Thanks Rob, for the consideration on sharing your talents with us,’ added Bindi. ‘Cat people have been starving for decent, unique, and substantial cat tree/towers/ plans for a long tine now!! So excited!!’

We think Rob’s cats are incredibly lucky, and we wouldn’t mind spending lockdown in fancy towers like these.

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