Man with almost entire body inked shows progress of scalp tattoos over the years

Tattoos can cost a lot of money and time, but for one dad none of that matters.

Remy loves his ink so much that he has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

In fact, the former chef, from Canada, is already tattooing parts of his body for a 20th time.

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He got his first tattoo of his son's name and since then has become obsessed with getting inked.

The tattoo fanatic splurged over £87,000 on inkings and piercings, with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Alongside his black body ink and modifications, Remy is known for his short hair, black framed specs and ripped body.

Since his hair is often shaved or extremely short, fans can get a glimpse of his scalp ink.

Over the years, he's transformed the tattoo on his head and now he's shared snaps of the evolution.

In the photo it shows four stages of his scalp with it beginning as a rose that has the word "strength" underneath.

The next shot is similar although it has branches coming from underneath it, while a third photo features blackwork.

Now in this day of age, Remy's rose has certainly evolved with it going from red ink to just white and black.

The word "strength" is no longer underneath the rose and instead he's got blackwork.

His caption read: "Some of the many faces of this rose tattoo over the years.

"Believe it or not it had two other looks a long the way, but I couldn't fit them all in one picture."

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The dad added: "I've had this piece reworked six times, and worked on a total of seven times.

"It stands as proof that a tattoo is only ever finished when you decide so.

"I've got some more to do in this piece in the days ahead, stay tuned for more."

Fans couldn't believe the evolution of his scalp tattoo, as one wrote: "To be fair, I think it looks the best as it is now!"

Another added: "Damn bro look at that neck in the last one, you doing work on those traps!"

A third gushed: "First it started with the word and then you became it."

And a fourth pointed out: "The real transformation is that neck! Proud of you bro!"

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