Melania Trump coronavirus PSA: FLOTUS flaunts ‘risky’ body language amid COVID-19 crisis

First Lady and former fashion model, Melania Trump, 49, addressed the American nation in a “risky” strategical public service announcement (PSA) about the coronavirus last week, on behalf of her husband, President Donald Trump, but what did her body language reveal? Body language specialist, Judi James has shared her thoughts and expertise on Melania’s PSA video exclusively with


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The body language expert revealed that the format of Melania’s PSA videos were too “risky” as they resembled too many videos posted by the Kardashians to be taken seriously and be an effective approach against the coronavirus.

However, she revealed the video had a second purpose, other than to inform, and it was to reassure the nation and to show that things are back to “normal” in the White House.

Judi explained: “This [PSA video] would be a risky strategy in the UK, where posting a ‘We’re all in this together’ message in the immaculate and subtly sexy style of a Kardashian, to be watched by millions of the public sitting at home in joggers and  dressing gowns while struggling with the concept of getting enough loo rolls and cutting our own hair, but Melania’s serene body language here suggests her scheme to motivate is based on showing that things are still very normal in the White House.”

In the PSA, Melania can be seen standing in The White House with the American flag to her right side.

She is also wearing a simple, black turtle neck with her hair down in its signature waves.

Judi continued: “Her hair is swept carefully over one shoulder in a style that would prohibit movement and not one of those hairs moves out of place as she speaks.

“There is no gesticulation, not even the illustrative ‘mime’ gestures that many would-be impelled to produce when instructing people to wash their hands.

“Instead there is a small, constant undulation that affects her entire body as she speaks and this, with her occasional eye-narrowing, emphasises her immaculate beauty and a state of calm rather than panic.

“Her features do pull into small, cheek-rounding shapes that create a suggestion of kindness and warmth but it’s all glamorous, A-list stuff.

“Her body language would be reassuring in the way that Trump’s ‘Gone by Easter’ messages must sound, ie it promotes the idea of stability and continuity.

“There’s no real use of non-verbal empathy in terms of the emphatically grand and high-status setting and Melania’s impeccable styling, making her ‘we’re all in this together message’ sound incongruent.”

Last week, Melania Trump rolled out two pre-recorded PSAs about the coronavirus, focused on reassuring the American nation.

“This is not how we will live forever,” said Melania, standing in the Cross Hall of the White House State Floor. “I urge you to stay connected … via safe technologies.”


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The second PSA, which appeared on Friday as the first one did, on the First Lady’s official Twitter account. Her message this time was directed specifically to those who have children.

“Hello, parents of America,” she said. “I want to speak with you about a few practical ways your family can stay healthy during this time of disruption because of the coronavirus.”

She outlined steps like proper hand-washing, limiting touching, maintaining social distance, staying home when sick and letting their children know normal life will resume.

“Keep a positive attitude, and try to create some time for fun with your loved ones,” the First Lady said.

She closed off both PSAs with information on where to access the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and information.

“Remember, while many of us are a part, we are all in this together,” she says.

Although Melania’s message was posted with good intentions, the PSA did not go down well with her online critics.

Many social media users have since blasted the First Lady online for the videos, one user said: “Melania Trump releases coronavirus PSA: ‘This is not how we’ll live forever’ we know!

“228 days, 10 hours, 41 minutes, 2 seconds until you’re out.”

Another said: “It would just #BeBest if y’all packed your s**t up and moved out to make room for a real president who wouldn’t have ignored warnings and called the global pandemic a Democrat hoax and flu.”

But not everyone agreed with the online trolling, a user commented: 

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