Model feels sexiest when shes cooking food in kitchen wearing just lingerie

There's a lot of things some of us might do to make us feel body positive.

Whether it's wearing a new pair of undies in the bedroom, or buying ourselves a new gym outfit.

Now one model has revealed when she feels the sexiest – and it's all down to when she's cooking.

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Abigail Ratchford, 30, from Pennsylvania, US, finds it seriously empowering to wear just her lingerie when she's handling food.

Now in an exclusive chat with Daily Star, she opened up about her success and other things that make her feel hot.

Speaking about her modelling, Abigail, who has 9.2m Instagram fans, said: "I don't consider myself famous yet.

"As far as successful, I have worked really hard and built my career up for almost 10 years through social media.

"I am blessed to have such a loyal fan base who support my endeavours.

"My fans tend to support anything that I come out with."

And to make herself feel great about herself, Abigail just keeps an eye on what she's wearing in the kitchen.

She admitted: "I feel sexiest when I'm in lingerie at home cooking with some music playing throughout my house.

"Cooking and dancing is fun for me!"

The model also claimed that people should do what makes them happy, even if it means cosmetic procedures.

She added: "I think people should do whatever makes them feel their best! Moderation is key."

And lads if you're reading this, Abigail has a type too.

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Speaking about her ideal fella, the US model gushed: "Definitely someone who's funny, smart, who is not into social media.

"I'd love a guy who can teach me things and support me in what I do.

"Looks-wise I usually like dark hair but I'm open to variety! Personality is the main thing!

"I'm the best girlfriend ever! Just a little bossy at times but otherwise the best, haha."

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