Model says boobie greed sparked plastic surgery love – she always wants bigger

An OnlyFans model who wows the internet with her scandalous photos has opened up about her "boobie greed".

Jazmyne Day, 27, is originally from Wales but is now living in Las Vegas where she is thriving as an adult content creator.

She has become well known for her impressive figure, which is the product of multiple plastic surgery operations.

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The bombshell exclusively told Daily Star that she chooses to ignore the haters because she loves the work that she's had done.

“I had my first breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift back in 2018. Since then I've had another boob job, nose job, and butt fillers. Along with all the normal stuff like fillers and Botox,” she explained.

“‘Boobie greed’ is a real thing. There's a part of me that wants to go bigger with my boobs, but there is always a risk, and since I really love how they are, I'm not sure if I'll actually go bigger.

“I definitely want to get my bum bigger.”

Jazmyne currently doesn’t have any end goals in mind when it comes to plastic surgery and she’s really happy with how she looks currently.

This being said, as she ages, she may decide to continue ‘upgrading’ her look.

The influencer has a bevvy of loyal fans online, with 322,000 Instagram followers alone.

While the majority of them are supportive and absolutely love her look, there is still a small group of people who troll Jazmyne for her looks.

“Everyone who puts themselves out there experiences trolls. I follow the approach ‘don't feed the trolls,’” she shared.

“I've never felt the need to be intentionally mean to someone on the internet. I know they are hurting and unhappy with themselves, so I feel sorry for them.”

Jazmyne once made the decision to respond to a roll to remind them that there was an actual living human being on the other end of the keyboard and that he hurt her feelings.

She added: “He opened up and admitted he hated himself and was projecting onto me. I had a great conversation with him and helped him feel better about himself. I suggested he talk to a therapist if he had the means to.”

Despite what people might think, the 27-year-old said her friends and family are supportive of the work she’s had done.

Well, most of them.

“I actually went home for the first time since getting all the work done and everyone was so happy for me, except for one person,” she said.

“They all saw how happy I am and that I'm living my fullest life. That makes them happy. I loved being able to go home and be unapologetically me.

“It was painful to have that one person be disapproving, but it was overall a really amazing and wonderful experience since everyone else was so supportive and loving.”


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