‘MTV No Filter’ Sneak Peek: Tana Mongeau Undergoes A Chest X-Ray & Struggles During A Breathing Test

Tana Mongeau’s health continues to worsen so she heads to the doctor in this preview of ‘MTV No Filter’ and has to get a chest X-ray and undergo a breathing test.

“I’ve spent the last, like, 8 months running from this,” Tana Mongeau admits in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the March 16 episode of MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau. “Now I’m finally going to the doctor’s office. It’s, like, this could be real.” She goes to see a doctor so she can get a chest X-ray and figure out what’s wrong with her. “I’ve never wanted to leave somewhere more in my life,” Tana admits to Jordan. There’s no running now.

After the X-ray, the doctor makes the popular YouTuber perform a breathing test. “It really sucks taking a breathing test like this and just knowing that as hard as I’m trying to do this stuff, I can’t,” Tana says. She is forced to stop during the test so she can catch her breath. “I just hate not running from this,” Tana continues. She’s been running from her health problems for a while, but now she has to face them head-on.

Tana attempts to give the breathing test another go and manages to complete it. However, she starts coughing when she’s done with it. The doctor asks Tana if she’s dizzy when it’s over. “Yeah, I, like, can’t see,” a breathless Tana says. Jordan urges her to get as much oxygen as she can and Tana begins to cry.

The synopsis for the March 16 episode reads: “With her health at an all-time low, Tana finally visits a lung specialist and is given a shocking diagnosis. Meanwhile, Ashly and Imari demand Jordan get them verified.” New episodes of MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau air Mondays at 4 p.m. on MTV.

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