Mum hits back after cruel trolls tell her shes not hot enough for her husband

A mum was left 'horrified' after a video about her business turned into a vicious attack on her looks by cruel trolls.

Many viewers of the video took aim on her appearance – saying her husband was 'too hot' for her and she needed to watch out.

Ali Clarke went live on TikTok on Monday night to talk about her dermaplaning business, Bondi Blades. However, she noticed the comments took a nasty turn when her husband joined in.

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"There were men and women in the comments saying things like: 'I can't believe that's your wife', 'You can do so much better than her', 'You're too good for her",' Abi explained in a video on Tuesday.

She also says she's received similar comments under previous videos with her husband but said Monday's audience was 'next level'.

"My beautiful husband decided to join in, and he always draws a crowd because he's got this amazing, vibrant personality and this beautiful smile, so lots of people start to watch," she said.

"Comments started to flow, and there were some really horrific things, like this was next-level online bullying.

"He was horrified that people would actually do this while I was just taking it on the chin.

"I was trying to avoid the comments. They were just getting out of control. People were commenting on my appearance, my teeth, my nostrils, all these horrendous things."

The beauty entrepreneur said she felt compelled to call out the negativity and get back to what she loves most – which is helping to inspire and educate other business owners.

"I've dealt with bullying my whole life, but these comments were just next level," she said.

"'Online bullying will never be tolerated. I will never put up with being bullied. I will call you out.

"I really hate having to make a TikTok about this, but I'm absolutely sick of it.

"Every time (my husband) comes on my TikTok Live, people make these comments, and they're really hurtful, nasty things to say to someone."

Abi told Daily Mail she'd like to see social media platforms enforce harsher policies against online hate and says she want people to be held 'accountable for their actions'.

She claims young kids in particular are too afraid to stand up to trolls, which lets "cowards disrespect people without fear of consequences."

Dozens of Abi's fans applauded her comeback to the horrible comments under Tuesday's video.

"That’s so terrible, you provide so much to the business community and don’t deserve that," said one person.

As another agreed: "Some people are so horrible, it’s disgusting."

A third chimed in: "You are so beautiful, these people are toxic."

While a fourth added: "I'm so sad to hear this! I really thought stuff like this ends when people grow up."

Abi's company Bondi Blades launched Australia's first derma razor in 2016. The small blade is designed to 'remove peach fuzz' from the face and is currently stiocked in more than 1,000 stores worldwide.


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