Mum takes son, five, to raves and says its important for parents to go out

A mum has revealed that she likes to fo clubbing with her five-year-old son and believes it’s important that parents get to go out.

Sophie Parekh, 30, and her husband Rakesh, 35, from Birmingham, enjoyed going out in town before they had their son, Leo.

But, as new parents they found it difficult due to the worry of booking baby-sitters or having to go alone and leave the other in charge of the baby.

So, when they had their second son, Hari, they decided to figure out a way of going out that worked for everyone, reports BirminghamLive.

Now, Sophie runs Big Fish Little Fish family raves where parents can bring their kids along to the party.

Sophie spoke on the Brummie Mummies podcast about going out after becoming a parent.

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She said: “Six years ago I took a pregnancy test on board a train, ironically, to my friend’s baby shower

“When the two lines popped up I called my then bf, now hubby, and told him, he replied “No, f’in way!”. He was in the queue to get into the Simmer Down Festival and was not in the state to be told such life altering news.

“We were both partying most weekends and a baby just wouldn’t be practical for our bar hopping shenanigans – PST definitely doesn’t have baby changing facilities.

“And then came the power struggle once our son, Leo, arrived. Both tired, but both in desperate need for some time away from our colicky baby we found ourselves arguing all the time about who was getting a break next.”

The duo often found themselves feeling resentful and jealous of one another going out or not.

Sophie said: “It took us another baby to smooth this out. Lots of long conversations led us to the conclusion that going out was the only thing that made both of us remember ourselves BC (before children).

“We don’t have a strict timetable but we do have some loose rules – lie in only till 10am, don't go out all the time and it needs to be put into our joint Google calendar at least a week in advance.”

The pair still prefer to go out together though as it helps them “fill up on all those good endorphins that attracted us to each other in the first place.”

And, now they can at the parent-child raves they hold.

Following a popular Halloween family rave, Sophie is hosting a Pyjama Family Rave called Sweet Dreams are Made of This at Popworld on Broad Street, Birmingham on January 30.

The party will involve a light-up dance floor, confetti, balloons, bubbles, a giant colouring in mural, a play area with tents and tunnels, craft tables, a baby chill-out space with a ball pool, free transfer tattoos and a licensed bar.

Activities are designed for 0 to eight-year-olds.

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And, Sophie had some top tips for going out as a parent.

She said: “It’s not all about drinking, sometimes it’s just about stepping away, leaving the washing up and getting some perspective.

“Don’t do it all the time – I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where one of us was out every other night – space it out to two or three things a month

“Don’t try to get ready like you used to! You don’t have so much time as before so make it rapid but enjoyable.”

Sophie added: “Have a set of clothes that you know works for you, this is not the time to experiment – I go for black skinny jeans and black tops so I don’t waste time trying to choose what to wear.

“Don’t overthink it – if you can only get out for an hour, so be it! It will be a fantastic hour!”

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