Mum uses her one-year-old daughter to recreate movie scenes

Not just child’s play! Mother delights in dressing up her one-year-old daughter in HILARIOUS costumes to recreate famous movie scenes – including Kill Bill and Hellboy

  • Jessica Simpson, 32, from Cornwall, spends hours creating film and TV scenes
  • Dresses up daughter Evie in adorable wigs and costumes from the big screen
  • Highlights have included the little girl posing as Uma Therman in Kill Bill
  • The 20-month-old has also dressed up as Hannibal and Hellboy in the series  

A baby girl is recreating famous movie and TV scenes – including Die Hard and Silence of the Lambs.

Evie Simpson wears a variety of costumes, wigs, makeup and props to copy clips from The Matrix, Hellboy, Breaking Bad and Kill Bill.

Her mum Jessica Simpson, 32, a business manager from Indian Queens, Cornwall, started the photoshoots as a joke for family and friends, but now spends hours making the perfect setting for her shots.

She uses her daughter, Evie, who is twenty-months-old, to pose as the actors with the versatile tot pulling off roles of household names from Uma Thurman in Kill Bill to the Anthony Hopkins serial killer.

Mother Jessica Simpson, 32, from Cornwall, started dressing her daughter up as movie characters as a joke for family and friends – but now spends hours on each scene (pictured, Evie in Kill Bill)

The mother dresses up her daughter in costumes, wigs and props for the hilarious TV and movie moments (pictured, Breaking Bad)

The 20-month-old has been dressed as some of the big screen’s most famous characters, including Hellboy

In one image, young Evie can be seen crawling towards the camera just like Bruce did in the 1988 action film.

In another, dressed as the infamous Hannibal Lecter, Evie is snarling at the camera while holding a knife and fork.

She has also reprised Gerard Butler’s role as Leonidas in cartoon-epic 300, complete with a six-pack and abs drawn on with make up.

Other film roles she has stared in have included The Matrix and Hellboy. 

Jessica is dedicated to recreating the scenes as best she can, often building complicated props (such as a dragon for a Game of Thrones scene, left) and drawing on abs for a scene from 300 (right)

And not all the characters are children friendly! Among the most humorous of images is Evie dressed as Hannibal from Silence of the Lambs

And she has also been Tom Hanks, Marilyn Monroe and Emilia Clarke as Daenarys Targaryen from Game of Thrones – complete with white hair, astride a dragon.

In addition to the movie scenes, Evie has also played the roles of singers including Madonna and Britney Spears.

Jessica started it as a joke but her family and friends love it, regularly sending her messages asking for the next instalment.

She said: ‘I’d seen something similar online, I think someone was doing book characters. 

And it’s not just movie and TV! Jessica also dressed her daughter up as the musician Stevie Wonder for one of the photoshoots 

A wild adventure! In another series of snaps, little Evie can be seen navigating her way through a series of dinosaur balloons as the duo recreate Jurassic Park

‘It was just supposed to be a laugh but it went down really well.

‘It feels to me like they’re really hashed together but I get lots of messages asking for the next one.’

Jessica creates a new image each month, and every time the new subject is a closely guarded secret until the big reveal.

It started last year, when the mum-of-two dressed up her eldest child as celebrities who were enjoying their birthday that month. 

Jessica started sharing the images with friends and family as a joke, but now recreates a movie scene every month for their entertainment 

Other famous characters include Madonna, complete with gold cone bra, (left) and Britney Spears from her Hit Me Baby One More Time video (right)

She added: ‘That’s how it started, but now we’re focusing on movie scenes. We have just done Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

‘I got a box from work and lined it with tin foil, then I got a battery powered tea light and made it look like a lighter.

‘I had to dirty up one of her vests and put some eye liner on her face to look like stubble.’

Jessica added: ‘We’ve also done Marilyn Monroe, Gerard Butler, and Tom Hanks.

In another adorable recreation, little Evie can be seen crawling through a tin foil pipe as she and Jessica create a scene from Die Hard 

‘Now we’re doing scenes from movies, we’ve done Trinity in The Matrix and Hellboy.’

She explained: ‘I jot down ideas when I get them but I don’t plan too much. I look at what films have been released that month and pick my favourite.

‘The one for next month is planned, but that’s it. I can’t tell you what it is, it’s a secret.’ 

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