Mum who battled depression stars in YouTube show – and says it ‘saved her life’

If you love cooking, then you may already spend a large portion of your time trying out new recipes.

In recent years, ambitious home cooks have been watching more and more YouTube recipes.

While paper recipes will always remain popular, this means that men and women who love to cook and want to share their favourite recipes have a new avenue through which to share.

A format that doesn’t require a elusive cookbook publishing deal or cooking TV show.

Through YouTube, many of us have found charming and talented cooking personalities who we previously would never have found.

One such keen cook is Jacqui Candy.

Eighteen months ago, the mum-of-two from Warwickshire was suffering from depression, but claims that starting her YouTube cooking channel, Cooking with Candy, helped her to recover.

Jacqui told The Daily Star: “I was completely lost, and I didn’t know what to do with myself at the time.

“One day, I was having coffee with a friend, and I remember being at one of my lowest points.

“He could read it on my face and he asked: ‘Well, Jacqui, what do you love doing?’, and I had one word: cooking…

“Cooking is such a big part of my life, it’s where I can laugh, cry, let off steam and smile… it’s my escape.”

Jacqui’s friend advised her to start a YouTube channel.

She told us: “I had absolutely no idea about YouTube, or how it worked, I was really hesitant as I hate being in front of the camera, and I self admittedly can procrastinate sometimes.

“Then I had a lightbulb moment. I can’t waste my life wallowing and wasting time… I wasn’t going to let depression beat me.”

That day, four months ago, Jacqui and her friend went back to her kitchen and shot the first episode of her show.

Jacqui said: “It's so embarrassing when I look back on that first video now, but it was a crucial moment because it was the start.

“I knew that if I started it, I'd be spurred to carry it on and now my life has been turned upside down!”

Jacqui posts multiple times every week and cooks delicious dishes for her subscribers.

These include family favourites like chilli con carne – which was her first video – and spaghetti bolognese, as well as seasonal dishes like chocolate Easter treats.

Additionally, she shows how to cook some of her more unusual favourites like traditional Matar Paneer, beef, cheese and spinach pie and cashew nut roast.

Jacqui said: “Now, I put out two video recipes every week, write for my website, head out salsa dancing with friends and I wouldn't change this life for a minute!

“Every subscriber I get gives me a confidence that I never had before, that I can actually do something and people enjoy it…

“YouTube has changed my life in a big way, but also in things so small as making me smile so much more.

“This has truly saved my life.”

If you’d like to make one of Jacqui Candy’s tasty recipes, head over to her YouTube channel here.

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