Mum with two vaginas wants surgery to make sex with husband more enjoyable

A mum with two vaginas has revealed she wants more surgery to correct her condition.

Brittany Jacobs, 26, gave birth to her first child a year ago which is when doctors informed her she had uterine didelphys.

The condition left her with two uteruses, two cervixes and two vaginas.

She was left stunned but it explained why sex had been difficult for her and her husband Gregory, 26.

The couple, from North Carolina, US, have always struggled with intercourse as it leaves them both "uncomfortable".

During the birth of her first son Zack, doctors cut her septum to remove the obstacle, something Brittany found painful.

Now the student is hoping she could have more surgery to help fix the problem.

She said: "They were trying to deliver my first-born son when they noticed my septum.

"I was trying to have a natural birth and so they began cutting without medication.

"I do not remember much but I do remember it was so painful – I was kicking and screaming and begging myself to pass out.

"They eventually gave me an epidural and then cut it. At that point, it was painless."

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Despite the horrific experience, the mum is keen to have further surgery as she finds sex uncomfortable with her husband.

While Gregory finds their intimacy much better now, Brittany is constantly reminded of how painful her condition is.

She added: "I find it much more painful but my doctors told me it would get better. My scar tissue is very uncomfortable for me.

"I would like to get some more tissue removed from having my septum cut to make sex less painful."

She's waiting to move into a new area next month before pursuing further treatment.

Her current physicians had allegedly dismissed her concerns when she complained of the pain she suffered during sex.

Brittany revealed: "When I brought it up to my doctors they told me I just needed to relax before having intercourse.

"There is knowledge of my condition as a birth defect but as far as long-term issues go, I have had to rely on my support group."

She explained: "I am now mindful that doctors do not know as much as we expect.

"I have to do my own quality research on my issues and advocate for my needs.

"I am understanding why my body is different from others and why it may need different care than others."

Brittany must be cautious when it comes to birth control and kidney issues, so she takes supplements to protect her health.

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She also welcomed a second baby six months ago, a boy named Avery.

But despite her troubles, the mum shares her "cool story" on TikTok where she has 112,700 followers.

Brittany admitted: "I have found quite a few women with my condition or other uterus abnormalities.

"I always try to follow them back and support them when they share their story."

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