Mums giggle at five-year-old’s piece of art during coronavirus self-isolation

As schools across the UK were forced to close on Friday in a bid to tackle the deadly coronavirus outbreak, parents have been trying all sorts to keep their children entertained.

One mum in Scotland dealt with self-isolation hell after her mischievous two-year-old daughter covered herself and the house in paint.

So as you know, children are finding different ways to keep themselves entertained for the next few weeks, luckily for one parent, her kid just stuck to regular colouring pencils and paper.

A parent on Facebook attempted to distract her five-year-old son by giving him with a simple art assignment.

Writing on the Paging Fun Mums, an anonymous user reposted a woman’s attempt at homeschooling her son.

In the post, it read: “Soooo. Homeschooling is going really well. This morning, during ‘art’, Kade (age 5) traveled the online of a pair of scissors and came up with this beauty.

"I almost spit out my coffee. #CarefulWithThoseScissorsBuddy #HeCutItOutAndTapedItToTheFridge.”

The photo shows the child’s hilarious attempt at drawing a pair of scissors – which accidentally looks more phallic than it should.

It garnered 2,600 likes, over 350 comments and around 480 shares.

One wrote: “Oooooh they’re scissors! Didn’t see what else it could be.”

Another commented: “That’s kids for you!”

A third joked: “Of course they’re scissors!!!”

While a fourth said: “What do you tell them when you keep laughing about the drawing.”

And a fifth remarked: “Seems legit.”

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Daily Star Online shared some colouring in pictures to keep your kids entertained.

Steve Turner, from Kent, has kindly shared some pictures that kids can colour in.

Many feature positive messages that can help to lift spirits during this difficult time.

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