My boyfriend is the perfect guy except for one thing…he’s lacking in size – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: ALL is going great with my boyfriend except for one little thing.

He’s not very big where he needs to be.

The rest of our relationship is amazing.

I’ve had other partners who have been better endowed but they had bad attitudes.

My boyfriend is a considerate lover and his foreplay is brilliant.

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Only the intercourse itself is disappointing.

I made the mistake of saying: “Is it in yet?”

I just couldn’t tell.

We’ve tried different positions and pelvic-floor exercises but nothing helps.

I suggested a penis extension or a strap-on and he got upset.

Now he leaves his pants on when we get intimate and it’s all about my pleasure.

I’m thinking of cheating on him for the sex but I love him so much.

He’s 28 and I’m 25.

DEIDRE SAYS: Cheating on him would be very cruel.

Better to break with him honestly than do that.

If you love him, look for alternatives that would be acceptable to you both.

You could both enjoy a vibrator and give each other lots of thrills and satisfaction that way.

My e-leaflet on Improving Sexual Sensation explains lots you can try.

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