My boyfriend went mad and accused me of cheating after finding messages from my ex – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER I left my phone at my boyfriend’s, he read messages from an ex and went mad, accusing me of being unfaithful.

When we got together, he cheated on me with his ex and I forgave him. I’ve never cheated.

I am 22, he’s 23 and we have been together for six months.

My ex did message me after I first got with my boyfriend, asking me to meet up with him.

But I replied no and said that I had a new boyfriend.

The only reason I didn’t tell my boyfriend at the time was because I knew it would cause a row.

Now my boyfriend says if I was loyal, I would not have even replied. Was I in the wrong?

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DEIDRE SAYS: He had no right to go through your phone and has nothing to complain about in your behaviour.

You didn’t meet up with your ex and replying was just polite.

I am worried for you, as this current relationship is heading towards being abusive.

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