My ex broke up with me on day my mum died – but now I have an amazing man

A woman's first love broke up with her on the day her mum died – but now she's found the man of her dreams.

Journalist Danae Mercer uses her social media platform to talk all things relationships, self love and body positivity.

She shares a lot of advice with her over 2.4million Instagram followers – and now she's opened up about her love life and overcoming heartache.

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In an inspiringly honest post, the public figure opened up about her past relationships.

She said her journey to finding love wasn't an easy one – as her first love broke up with her on the day her mother passed away – and she went onto have other bad experiences too.

Danae said she also spent a lot of time with men who had "strong personalities", which led to her losing her own over time.

She decided to open up about her past to help other women who she knows have been struggling to find love as, in the end, she found her perfect man and now she couldn't be happier.

Writing on Instagram, Danae said: "My first love broke up with me on the day my mum passed.

"And the horrible thing. The really horrible thing. Is that I wasn’t surprised.

"He didn’t even do it himself – he had a mutual friend call me.

"‘We were wondering if we could have your address to send a card.’

"And still, I mourned for him, even as I mourned for her.

"Because I thought that was love. Maybe, in a way, that WAS love.

"Even though so much of it was spent with him breaking me down, with him telling me I was embarrassing, with him demanding I stop being friends with them, stop wearing that.

"Even though so much of it was spent with him trying to strip back what made me ME.

"For years after, I dated men that echoed him – strong personalities who helped me lose my own.

"It hurt. Love, for so long, hurt. And I think for so many of you, it does too…

"I see your DMs, your stories.

"Like about the partner who said your cellulite after pregnancy was disgusting, and that it’s not his fault if he cheats.

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"Or the partner who just keeps messaging Insta-girls, even though it makes you cry.

"Or the partner who won’t stop making fun of your body.

"I see your doubt, your uncertainty, your aches.

"‘Is this love?’ You ask me. ‘Is this the best I will ever have?’

"I understand – we are told, as little girls on the playground, that ‘he hurts and teases because he likes us’.

"We’re told love is a battlefield. But we’re told wrong.

"Love shouldn’t be painful. It shouldn’t hold you back or break you down.

"It shouldn’t make you feel small and then smaller. It can be so much more, so much HEALTHIER than that.

"I’m approaching my one-year wedding anniversary with the Italian, and I feel more ME than I have ever before.

"Not broken, but whole. And safe. Safe in his arms, in his hands, with him.

"Because while I haven’t always dated good men, I will sure as heck grow old with a great one.

"And I believe, with my whole heart I believe, that is possible for you too."

Since she told her story, more than 66,700 people have liked Danae's inspiring post.

Nearly 1,000 people have also left comments – and people have said they can really relate to Danae's story.

One person said: "You are such a beautiful soul."

Another added: "Thank you for sharing your love with us. It's an inspiration, and proof."

Meanwhile, a third person commented: "It's possible for all of us.

"But the hardest part is – to get that love – you need to love yourself first."


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