My pregnant fiancée insists her baby is mine but I know she met up with her ex when I was away – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY pregnant fiancée insists her baby is mine.

But I know she saw an ex-boyfriend when I had to fly to Australia for a month as my dad was ill.

Ever since we have been together, she has regularly messaged ex-boyfriends.

She says her exes are just friends. I am 22, she is 20.

She says she loves me and yet I found a message on her phone about sending one guy sexy pictures of herself.

She announced she was pregnant when I got back from Australia six weeks ago and says I am the dad.

But I can’t help having doubts.

There was a photo in her phone of her with an ex in London and it was from the month when I was away.

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DNA tests would prove whether you are the father once the baby is born.

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