My Quarantine Routine: Ash, a cabaret performer now hosting a virtual pub quiz

So you’re used to working from home now and this staying in thing is getting easier.

And then the weekend hits and you’re missing catching up with friends down the pub.

Well, the good news is that virtual pubs are popping up everywhere so you can enjoy a drink with some other people.

And with pop-up pubs, comes pop-up pub quizzes. Pull together your team, join online and virtually compete for first place.

So for today’s My Quarantine Routine, we’re chatting to Ash Bristow, aka Tizzy Von Tassel, a cabaret performer and live events host at venues across London.

As they are all currently closed, she is trying to make an income in other ways.

She is selling some of her costumes and spending her time creating a weekly virtual pub quiz, with her friend on the Good Time Gals Instagram page.

You can catch the second quiz tonight if you need some entertainment.

Ash, 30, lives in Kennington, London with her two best friends. This is how she spent Sunday 22 March.

9.13 am

I wake up late to the sounds of drilling and 90’s club classics. I head outside to find my two housemates making patio furniture and planting seeds to grow a vegetable garden.

I have much less energy at this hour, so I jump in the shower, put on my favourite Cher tee to brighten up my day and make myself a strong coffee. 

10 am

I spend the first couple of hours of my day drinking coffee in the sun while responding to emails, checking in with other performers and messaging my family in Australia.  

As I am not performing at the moment, I am finding this is a mindful way to start my day. It’s hard not knowing when you will work to the same capacity again, so I find it helpful to speak to other freelancers in the same position.

12 am

I’m feeling energised from all the sun, so I give my gal pal Jodie a call who has moved her personal training business online.

I decide to sport an 80’s leotard to lighten the mood, which my neighbours obviously love. The distraction doesn’t work on Jodie and she makes me work hard, but we end the session having a catch up about this new online way of working. 

1 pm

FOOD PLEASE! As a house rule, we are using this as an opportunity to eat everything in the fridge, freezer and cupboards because the supermarkets have been too busy.

So I make a tomato and cheese toastie, with some basil from the garden. Delish!

2 pm

Tonight I am co-hosting a digital pub quiz with super babe, Ditzy Ritzy! Out of the need to stay inside, we have started Good Time Gals where we are hosting interactive quizzes from Instagram. Our first one is tonight and we are both super excited.

Planning for this event has really kept me going in this time of such uncertainty. We spend some time checking that all the tech works; our reminder posts go out on time and of course- discuss what outfits we will be wearing!

As a fan of the 80’s, my look is an obvious choice of shoulder pads, quaffed hair and earrings that would make Pat Butcher proud.

4 pm

I get my creative energy in the afternoon so it’s time to go through my costume wardrobe and have a serious chat with myself about what I need, what I can repurpose and what I am going to sell.

This process turns into a bit of a fashion show with a house debate about what should stay and go.

I’m going to list some of my fierce pieces on Gumtree, including a floor length sequined gown, which is crying out for a new home. I have used Gumtree for years – mainly for buying cool and affordable furniture for my shared flat but it dawns on me that selling my costumes is going to be a great way to make some extra cash over the coming months.

I then get distracted in the process and end up messaging a seller about a shiny festival headpiece- I just couldn’t resist and I justify it by telling myself ‘You’ll be back on stage soon babe’. Will see if I can get it couriered to me or if not, I’ll wait to pick it up when we’re allowed out again.

I then start a little revamp on some sunglasses which I rhinestone completely because… well- why not?

7 pm

The day has flown by and the quiz starts in an hour! I get my filming space ready by hanging a glitter curtain, getting my life size Cher cut out in there and turning my lights on.

I then eat whatever I can find in the fridge with speed because it’s time to get camera ready. I thrown on my 80’s look, open and beer and get online.

8 pm

It’s ‘Quarantine Quiz’ time baby! It’s so awesome to see players have followed our advice and made ‘digital teams’ by calling friends around the country and even the world!

We want people to feel connected even though we are in our own houses, and I am so excited this has worked.

10.30 pm

We have a few technical glitches but the quiz was a hit! We will be doing it again next Sunday at 8 pm along with other quarantine activities throughout the week. 

I call my co-host Ditzy for a post-show catch up, where we make some notes of what to talk about tomorrow.

11.00 pm

I can’t switch off yet, so I put a film on my laptop while I pack up the costume mess I have created today.

I then make a list of things I want to achieve tomorrow like costume repairs, website updates and to bake a banana cake.  I am trying to see if this helps me sleep a bit more stress free at night.

I fall asleep sometime after 12am where I dream of the day I can use the self-checkout again. 

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