New York women are coronavirus crushing on Andrew Cuomo: ‘Is he single?’

He’s the new Luv Guv.

Women are crushing on Gov. Andrew Cuomo — calling his coronavirus press conferences their daily “fix” — during this state of emergency.

Denise Albert, a 45-year-old divorcee on the Upper West Side, is officially smitten.

“For me, it was when I heard him say, ‘My mother is light and joy,’” Albert, co-founder of multi-media company The Moms, told The Post. “What also got me was his speaking about family dynamics — disagreeing with his brother about where his mom should be. … It’s relatable, vulnerable, inspirational. There’s nothing hotter than vulnerability in a man.”

Talia Reese, a married mom of two from Great Neck, LI, thinks Andrew Cuomo sounds like Al Pacino. The comedian said she and her friends text each other when he’s on TV, with one of them declaring: “Cuomo press conference right now. Morning fix.”

“It’s like all these women are back in high school. We‘re all in our pajamas, eating ice cream in bed, and he’s in a sharp suit, looking clean,” the 40-something Reese said of the third-term Democrat’s televised briefings.

And the single ladies note that Cuomo, 62, split from longtime author girlfriend of 14 years, TV personality Sandra Lee, in September.

“Is Governor Cuomo single? Not asking for a friend,” Albert posted on Facebook.

“How could I not fall in love with him? He doesn’t use notes or screens, he’s smart, his voice is strong,” said Manhattan divorcee Ilene Beckerman, whose book inspired “Love, Lost and What I Wore,” a popular off-Broadway show. “I’m almost 85 and finally think I know about men. He’s a keeper.”

Even the radio voice of the Yankees, WFAN’s Suzyn Waldman, told The Post she’s crazy about the divorced dad of three girls.

“He’s decisive, calming, gets things done — and he’s drop dead gorgeous,” said the 73-year-old divorcee. “Everybody always looks for someone who will say, ‘It’s going to be OK.’”

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Melissa Chapman, a blogger on Staten Island, agrees. “I love how he is trying to calm us all down,” she said. “I’m totally crushing on him — especially when he starts to wax about not being able to kiss his daughter’s face [since she is in quarantine].”

The married mom of two added, “My husband is like, ‘I have a crush on him too.’”

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