Newly married couples reveal their awful honeymoon disasters

So much for wedded bliss! Couples share their honeymoon disaster stories – from a wife who cheated on her new husband with the waiter to a mother-in-law who insisted on joining

  • New husbands and wives confessed how their honeymoon didn’t quite go to plan
  • People from around the world posted to the anonymous confessions to Whisper
  • One woman revealed she cheated on partner, while another was too sick for sex

While most people dream of their honeymoon being the most romantic getaway they’ll ever have, sometimes the reality can be very different.

Newly-married men and women from around the world have confessed their honeymoon disasters on anonymous secret-telling app, Whisper.

They revealed the problems that arose while away on the couple’s holiday together, from vomiting during the entire trip to the new in-laws coming along.

One common issue that arose among a number of the couples was sex – from the newlyweds not consummating the marriage, to one person’s mother-in-law walking on during sex with her husband on their honeymoon.

While some honeymoon disasters were simply down to an unfortunate bout of food poisoning, other trips signaled the end of the marriage with one man admitting that his new wife had taken another man on their honeymoon.

Husbands and wives from across the globe have taken to anonymous sharing app Whisper to confess how terrible their honeymoon was – including this woman from Mississippi who caught a stomach bug and only had sex once 

As these confessions reveal, the honeymoon is sometimes not the romantic getaway couples dream of, with the mother-in-law cramping this couple’s style by walking in during sex

This man, from an unknown location, revealed his wife got pregnant while on honeymoon which was sooner than expected 

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One person revealed that their in-laws ruined their honeymoon by coming along on the trip as well, and that the marriage didn’t last long afterwards

One shocking confession revealed that a newly-wed wife cheated on her new husband in their room with a member of hotel staff while she locked her husband outside

A common issue that arose among a number of the couples was sex, with this disappointed husband from Virginia revealing that his marriage was not consummated during the trip

This newlywed, from an unknown location, suffered a bad bout of food-poisoning while on honeymoon in Hawaii and spent the trip vomiting in their room

This woman from North Carolina revealed that she suspects she got pregnant on her honeymoon as her husband forgot to bring condoms on the trip

This person from Orlando said they had to quit their job as the workplace found out they were gay, and was too busy dealing with the emotional toll to enjoy their honeymoon

Some honeymoon disasters signaled the end of the marriage with one man from Texas admitting that his new wife had taken another man on their honeymoon

This woman from Tennessee said her honeymoon was ruined before they went away as their cards that were to pay for their holiday were stolen

This woman revealed that her first time being intimate with her husband on her honeymoon was a disappointment after waiting their entire relationship to have sex

This new wife revealed that her marriage is crowded, with her husband’s best friend coming along on all their trips – including the honeymoon

An anonymous person in Calgary, Canada, confessed their honeymoon trip is going very badly and has opened her eyes to the fact that her husband doesn’t know her

A newly-wed man confessed his sexual frustration at not enjoying any intimacy at all during his honeymoon with his new wife

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