Nordstrom Rack is Having a Secret Sale on a Bunch of Great Kitchen Gadgets

Nowadays, everyone’s a home chef. I mean, some people you thought would never step foot inside their kitchen are now whipping up (and ‘gramming) decadent pasta dishes, mouth-watering comfort food, and restaurant-worthy presentations. (Hey, I’m right there with you.)

If you want to beef up your the contents of your kitchen cabinet, look no further. Right now, Nordstrom Rack is offering a bunch of deals on some of the most popular cookware brands around.









While it is possible to find affordable pots and pans, it’s not every day there’s a great deal on big brands like KitchenAid, Calphalon, and SMEG. So whether you’re an experience home chef or finding your footing in the kitchen, now’s a better time than any to replenish your cabinets.

The only thing that’s left is figuring out what you’ll buy. Don’t worry, you have options. Wüsthof’s popular knife set is a must a culinary rookies. Not only does this block have a sharp object for every meal, but Nordstrom Rack also shaved hundreds (yes, hundreds) of dollars off the asking price. Want to elevate your morning cup of Joe? KitchenAid partnered with Nespresso to create a dreamy espresso maker. Or, if you simply want to stress bake, Calphalon has a bunch of sheets, pans, and molds to satisfy your sweet tooth.

But no matter what you buy, one thing’s for sure: These deals will make your stomach and wallet very happy. It’s a win-win in our book.

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