Ozzy Osbourne claims home is filled with evil as mystery figure haunts him

Hellraiser Ozzy Osbourne claims his Hollywood home is filled with evil as a mystery figure haunts him in bed.

The iconic rocker, nicknamed the Prince of Darkness, panics when he sees the stranger lurking in the corner of the bedroom he shares with wife Sharon Osbourne.

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However Sharon is unconvinced that spooks terrorise their LA mansion and reckons Ozzy is seeing things.

Ozzy said: “This house I am living in now I get some peculiar feelings in this f***ing place.

“I really do. I think something heavy has happened in this house, a murder or something bad.”

Sharon chimed in: “Yeah he woke up saying a figure in the bedroom and he could see somebody in the bedroom.

“No, I could not see it. He was like ‘look over there.’ There was nobody there.”

Sharon admitted that a ghost would have to perform extraordinary feats to make her believe in the afterlife

She added: “It would have to sing and dance and perform in front of me to believe.”

The Osbournes made their revelations on their Travel Channel show hit The Osbournes Want To Believe.

During the series Ozzy admitted he is eerily haunted by a piece of rock taken from the collapsed 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy.

Ozzy and Sharon had a psychic examine the rock, which was gifted to him after he performed at a fundraiser for firefighters.

The rock star and reality TV star wife were staying in New York during the terror attack and joined a benefit gig days later for the fallen Twin Towers.

Son Jack, a TV paranormal investigator, revealed that the energy from the gift was so unusual they brought in a psychic for an examination.

Ozzy admits: “It is a witness to bad events. A lot of souls went up there.

“When I was on stage and that guy gave it to me at Meadowlands and he handed it to me, it was still warm.

“I can remember this shock going up my arm. I thought ‘f***’. What the f***.’”

Jack confirmed: “Do you remember when we handed it to that psychic, she went ‘woahh’. It holds energy and it witnessed a traumatic event.”

Sharon added that the rock cross is one of a few haunted objects in their Los Angeles mansion, including “the two leather chairs upstairs.”

Ozzy also admitted that he was so shaken about his interactions with the occult it has left him traumatised.

He added that he endured a “few séances, pretty f***ing bad s***, but I do not want to go there”.

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