Paranormal activity in eerie island tomb where coffins seen dancing around

An abandoned tomb on the island of Barbados has marked itself as a place for paranormal problems after eerie reports of "dancing" coffins were made.

The unexplained phenomenon makes for a creepy addition to the Christ Church Parish cemetery, with the 12-feet deep and six-feet wide structure built in 1724.

Only accessible by a set of stairs leading into a sealed tomb, the claustrophobic Chase Vault was built by James Elliot, who is said to have rested there with his wife since the end of the 18th century.

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But each new interred body for the tomb brings about a startling paranormal phenomenon that sees coffins dance around the room.

A number of incidents over the last few hundred years have reported a disturbance to the coffins, with one incident in 1816 while burying an 11-month old Samuel Brewster Ames, showing the coffins in complete disarray.

Disturbed coffins were noted by at-the-time governor of Barbados, Sir Stapelton Cotton, who left thin layers of sand in the tomb to check nobody was entering.

The adult coffins though were so heavy it took six men to move them, meaning a potential break-in was far from possible.

Even natural disasters, earthquakes and floods were ruled out, as no other coffins in the cemetery vaults had been altered in their positions.

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Supernatural theories including local spirits angry at colonisation are passed around as reason for the constant vault disturbances.

But in 1820 after the coffin of Mary Ann was placed inside, another potentially paranormal incident where coffins moved of their own volition, it was decided to exhume and empty the vault.

All bodies were moved out of the vault and buried elsewhere, The Mirror reported.

Although it is now empty of bodies, Chase Vault remains open to visitors brave enough to head into the haunted crypt, where the mystery of moving coffins is yet to be solved.

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