Parents love this £7 giant ice cream van that kids can draw over

Keeping kids busy is tough at the minute and they seem to lose interest quickly.

But this product from Aldi is sure to keep them busy for hours.

The cardboard ice cream van can be used for them to role play but it’s also perfect for them to draw over and colour in.

It costs just £6.99 too so won’t break the bank.

There’s a window for kids to sit behind while everyone makes their orders and a menu on the side for them to choose from.

It does require some assembly so parents might need to help kids put it together.

The van comes in packaging which forms part of the finished product to make sure there isn’t too much waste.

The description on the Aldi website said: ‘Introduce new and interesting ways to keep kids entertained with this So Crafty Colour In Ice-Cream Van.

‘A great way to get them working together, this is a creative activity that’ll keep them busy for hours. Made from thick card that they can assemble by themselves, the finished product can be customised with colour and paint to really get their creative juices going.’

It’s already sold out online but still available in store so check down the middle aisle when you’re doing your weekly shop to pick one up.

One parent said: ‘I think this is great value for money. Our Crayola pens worked well to colour it in.

‘Did need a bit of strengthening behind the upright bit but we had a posting tube which did the job perfectly. Son has been playing with it for two days and loves it.’

Another review mentioned that it needed some strengthening too so it might be worth keeping some scrap cardboard to help.

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