Paris chic without the prices

Paris chic without the prices: Kate Middleton’s favourite French designer creates a catalogue collection at a fraction of the cost

  • Duchess of Cambridge was seen wearing a dress by designer Vanessa Seward  
  • Now Seward has begun collaborating with French retail giant LaRedoute 
  • It means women can get Parisian polish at a fraction of the designer price tag

British women have always wanted to dress like French women do. We yearn to emulate that oh-so-Parisian look which oozes confidence while simultaneously giving the impression that it was just thrown together.

Nothing fussy, nothing with showy labels, nothing too trend-led and definitely nothing that pinches, cuts or looks like you’ve squeezed into it.

And what better way to get it absolutely right than to buy from a French designer?

Boilersuit, £90, laredoute.; trainers, £139,

One of the most sought-after, of late, has been Vanessa Seward. She received a huge popularity boost here when the Duchess of Cambridge was photographed wearing a long-sleeved, floral dress from one of her collections. 

While Seward’s designs are generally thought modestly-priced (in the designer world, that is), Kate’s floral silk-jacquard dress would still have set you back £720.

The good news, however, is Seward has recently begun collaborating with French retail giant LaRedoute to bring you her signature style at a fraction of the usual designer price. 

Shirt, £60, rollneck, £50, jeans, £70, all la; shoes, £245, russelland; bag, £69.99,

Jacket, £255, sweater vest, £40, jeans, £70, all laredoute.; shoes, £39.99, zara. com

The latest collection went online ( this month. We absolutely love the boilersuit (pictured above, £90). 

It’s utilitarian enough to look stylish, but feminine enough to prevent you looking like you’ve really come to fix the boiler. You might not realise that boilersuits work until you give them a go, then you’ll wonder where they’ve been all your life.

A special mention also needs to be made of the tan, slouchy boots (£199) from this latest collection.

Dress, £80, and boots, £199,

Blouse, £29.99, and shoes, £39.99, zara. com; skirt, £149, la

Not only are slouchy styles easier to wear than tighter fits (particularly if you aren’t blessed with model-shaped calves), but are also perfectly in keeping with the Seventies look. 

Furthermore, a neutral boot (plus a neutral sandal for when the weather warms up a bit) is absolutely essential for a French capsule wardrobe.

When you’re browsing, you’ll notice that even the latest collection already has a discount applied. 

This is another reason the website is must-trawl for stylish women everywhere: plenty of Parisian polish, but without the prices tags to match.

Dress, £70, and boots, £199, la

Sweatshirt, £50, and rollneck, £50, la redoute.; trousers, £59.95, massimo; shoes, £245, russelland bromley.

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