Paul Routledge: With respect, Prince Harry sacrificed the lot for love

The Sussexes have ­abdicated from royal duties, with a sermon from the Duchess about men.

Meghan told us we should have more respect for our women. I think she might stand by her man rather better.

He gave up a historic role, to which he was born and bred, for love. His great-great-uncle King Edward VIII did the same, also for a divorcee from across the Atlantic, Mrs Simpson.

And they share the same fate: expulsion from the Garden of Eden that is the throne of the United Kingdom.

The more I think about it, the more I come to the view that Meghan has ruined Prince Harry’s life.

She’s taken him from his family and his royal destiny in his own country to the back of beyond, thousands of miles away.

He won’t be back, or only on rare ­occasions. She’s got him, and son Archie, and the dog, where she wants them. In her North American homeland.

This is really no business of mine, as I would rather have an elected head of state than a born-to-rule monarch.

But since that isn’t going to happen any time soon, the Royal Family have a duty to… well, do their duty, and not desert their native country.

At least William and Kate appear to be enjoying their sovereignty apprenticeship.

Meghan’s smile always seems theatrical, and poor old Harry has put on years during this regal debacle, which turned out much worse than he hoped.

The couple even attracted a solitary “boo” from an onlooker who was watching their arrival at a function in London last week.

One way and another, things might have been better all round if Harry had never met his TV starlet. The grass is unlikely to be greener on the Pacific coast of Canada than it is in the secluded garden of Buckingham Palace.

How long before he realises he has made a terrible mistake?

He has a year to change his mind.

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