People left howling at kids detention slip as ridiculous teachers pull him up

Social media users have been left howling after seeing the reason a boy was given detention at school.

His older sister – Rebecca Rose – tweeted the slip saying 'we have cried' with laughter.

The boy was given detention for 'sitting inside at lunch time', which some social media users have deemed a 'ridiculous' reason .

Rebecca posted the picture to Twitter and wrote: "Look at the reason for my brother's detention – we have cried".

The post was very popular and gained over 5,000 likes – with many branding the situation "weird" and comparing school to "prison".

One person tweeted: "Is the detention inside or outside?"

Another said: "Lol this exact thing happened to me at school."

A third penned: "What a hooligan"

Some however think that he should just follow the rules.

One Twitter user posted: "Rules are rules."

A second said: "I’d imagine it’s a pretty clear rule. Discipline is exactly what our next generation need"

It's not the first time family members have complained about school detentions.

Last year, a furious dad accused teachers of running a "military camp".

His daughter was punished for four uniform misdemeanours, which led to her being kept back at school for 30 minutes at the end of the day.

And in other news, a student who spends time caring for her mum was irritated when she got detention for "forgetting her ruler".

Similarly to the last incident, the school was branded an "army camp" for implementing such strict rules.

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