Perrie Edwards shows off her amazing walk-in shoe closet as she fixes hair faux-pas with her cousin

Since Little Mix star Perrie Edwards has been in lockdown we’ve caught some glimpses of her luxurious abode, which she is isolating in with footballer boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The 26 year old Black Magic singer has just bought a trampoline for her and Alex to entertain themselves, and get their much-needed daily exercise on, and with that alongside their stylish jacuzzi for ultimate chilling, it looks like a pretty dreamy spot to be stuck in.

And now we’ve caught a glimpse inside the pop star’s coveted shoe closet too, which looks like every girl’s dream.

The space came on show as Perrie decided to try the hair trick trending right now, where you use a dressing gown belt to create perfect curls.

Perrie’s cousin Ellie Hemmings advised her to achieve tighter curls but Perrie’s shocked facial expression proved that the hair trick hadn’t exactly gone to plan.

She said: “So remember when I tried this hair hack? And it was really goooood! Well Ellie said we'd be doing it wrong, So we tried it again the "correct" way…” [sic]

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The hitmaker, who recently revealed she's enjoying "breathing space" from Little Mix, then showed a glimpse of her vivacious hairdo with fans, adding: “So I might have overcurled my hair last night.”

As the action unfolded and Ellie and Perrie desperately attempted to resurrect their hair faux pas, we caught a glimpse of the Little Mix star’s beautifully organised walk-in shoe wardrobe, resting on beige carpet, lined with various forms of shoe.

The top of the wardrobe boasts bags galore, and, working down, we see a shelf dedicated to black boots, another for platform heels and stilettos and a section for trainers.

The walk-in wardrobe is perfect for any shoe lover, of which it appears Perrie is one, and displays shoes in all forms.

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As Ellie began to fix Perrie’s hair, upon the Little Mix star’s request, we see the Geordie star in a stunning boho-inspired brown dress.

Her hair was eventually tamed with an orange headband, with the star adding: “OMG, we've f*****g tamed the beast! I absolutely love it! hurrrayyyy." [sic]

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A further look inside the home of the 26 year old would show you an incredible pool area which boasts marble walls and a grey theme throughout, including an elegantly tapestried swimming pool floor and a range of indoor plants.

The abode, where the couple live with cute cat Jack, has chic interiors and marble finish and the spacious paradise also includes wide corridors and glass walls – casual!

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