Pet owners use their loaf to post snaps of pets peering through bread

Pure bread pooches! It’s a crumb of hilarity amid the gloom… pet owners using their loaf to post these butterly adorable snaps of their pets peering through slices of bread

It’s a slice of hilarity amid the gloom… owners using their loaf to post these utterly adorable snaps of their pure bread pooches!

Tongue and groovy: Little Mochi looks happy with this tasty new collar

A cut above: This Yorkie is on a health kick with his slice of wholewheat

Snout of order: Zazu (left) models a fashion-savvy tiger loaf mask decorated with candy strand. Fur enough: At least mini dachshund Digit (right) can see where he’s going

Posh brioche: Pomeranian Sophie’s tucking into hers

Barking mad? Crumbs, Zia, a colliesamoyed cross (left) can’t quite believe it. You mutt be joking: Who are you calling half-baked? (right) My owners are to blame

Hound of the Bakervilles: This beagle (left) blends in well with his slice. The champ (right): I can’t go to Crufts, so crusts will have to do!

Dough! Troy the Siberian husky … if looks could kill

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Heel, boy: This chihuahua cross looks rather sad with his slice of life

Rye look: Boxer Ghost would have preferred a walk

Fast food: That’s any bread on Patty the whippet

Picture research: CLAIRE CISOTTI 

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