Peter Doesn’t Know How His ‘Bachelor’ Season Ends, But Reddit Has 5 Solid Theories

With just one week left until Peter Weber hands out his final rose, Bachelor Nation is still desperately trying to figure out how his love story ends — and apparently, he is too. Even Peter doesn’t know his Bachelor ending, paving the way for Bachelor finale theories to spread on Reddit like wildfire. While speaking with Entertainment Tonight at the Women Tell All taping, the pilot told Lauren Zima at the event that things on his season, "continue to unfold until the very last second. And I don’t know when that last second occurred." He might want to take a look at some of these theories to find out.

When asked if his finale would really be the "most dramatic" one in Bachelor history, Peter teased "there’s definitely a chance about that," but added that he couldn’t say much. He hasn’t even confirmed whether or not he’s in a relationship now that filming has ended. "All I can say is, again, it was the toughest, toughest last week of my life and you’ll see what that means," he added.

Both Peter and host Chris Harrison have offered up their fair share of cryptic comments about the way this season of The Bachelor will end, including that Peter’s love story will have a "unique" ending that "can’t be spoiled." And while nobody seems to have guessed exactly what will happen just yet, that hasn’t stopped Bachelor Nation from trying, with these potentially shocking theories.

Peter Isn’t Engaged To Anyone Yet

Ever since Peter confidently declared that nobody will be able to figure out the ending of his season, Bachelor fans have theorized that it’s because the season hasn’t actually ended yet. In February, Reddit user u/watersun81 theorized that his story won’t end until the After the Final Rose special, where he will propose to his final choice. Fans have been speculating that Madison walks off the show since the beginning of the season, and this Reddit theory from f4auek builds on that one, saying that Peter will go after Madison, at his mom’s tearful request.

"Then the last hour of the finale will be Peter showing up at Madi’s home (ala Arie) and we see him try to win her back, [and] their dates over the last 3 months," the theory continues, culminating with a live proposal. Madison was reportedly spotted filming with the Bachelor crew in Auburn, Alabama, last month, which could lend credence to the idea that she was filming an update about her relationship with Peter after the finale.

Peter Isn’t Engaged — Because He Wasn’t Allowed To Propose

In every preview of the final few episodes of The Bachelor, there has been a clip of Chris Harrison sharing some kind of shocking news with Peter, seemingly right before he proposes. Reddit user u/West-Cat theorized that the big news is that Peter will be told that he actually isn’t picking anyone during the final rose ceremony — but instead, will have to wait until After the Final Rose in order to make his final decision on live television.

Peter Couldn’t Make A Decision

In the most recent promo for the Bachelor finale, Peter talks about how he’s in love with both Hannah Ann and Madison, and says that he’s torn between the two women. According to one Reddit sleuth, it looks like the scene where Peter is tearfully apologizing to one of the women was filmed in Los Angeles, which would have to take place after he left Australia. Based on that information, Vulture theorized that Peter asked for more time to make his decision — and is apologizing to the women for needing that extra time. This theory also suggests that he will reveal his final choice on the After the Final Rose special.

Peter Proposed To Hannah Ann, But Changed His Mind To Pursue Madison Instead

Peter clearly wants to make things work with Madison despite the fact that they have differing religious beliefs, and it’s possible that Chris Harrison does, indeed, tell him that Madison left before he had a chance to hand out his final rose. As a result, some fans think that Peter will propose to Hannah Ann, but after talking with his parents, he’ll decide to break up with her in order to pursue a relationship with Madison instead. It would explain why he’s "so sorry" from the "bottom of my heart" in that preview.

Peter Dumped Hannah Ann, But Realized He Made A Mistake

Another popular theory is that Hannah Ann’s rose ceremony is first, and that Peter rejects her in favor of hopefully proposing to Madison. However, after Chris tells him that Madison has left the show, he realizes that he’s made a mistake by turning down Hannah Ann, and is encouraged by his mother to "bring her home." That theory would also explain his tearful apology, and would possibly result in them reuniting during the ATFR special — which would explain why Peter doesn’t know his own season’s ending.

Hopefully both Peter and fans will find out the answers to their questions once and for all when his Bachelor finale finally airs.

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