Potential cure for baldness as study finds stem cells triggering hair growth

The secret to fighting baldness may be locked away inside stem cells, according to a new study.

Researchers in South Korea may give hope to millions after using something called adipose-derived stem cell constituent extract topical solution (ADSCS) on a clutch of willing volunteers.

The solution is applied to the scalp and appears to trigger hair growth.

The team from Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital in South Korea trialled 38 patients over a 16 week period. The tests showed that after just eight weeks, tests showed an increase in hair growth.

ADSCS are a type of mesenchymal stem cells – they come from bone marrow and are important in repairing skeletal tissue like cartilage and bone.

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is the most common form of hair loss and affects 50% of men and 45% of women around the world by the time they hit 50.

The research team found that in men especially, the solution was effective at treating hair loss. All the men involved in the 16-week study did not receive any other hair care treatment that might influence the test.

Over 44 adults were screened for the test with an eventual 38 being enrolled and assigned to two groups – one using the solution and another that didn’t.

To evaluate the hair growth in the same spot a dot was tattooed on the subject’s scalp. This allowed for the same spot to easily be found and scanned again.

Although there was no difference in hair thickness in between the groups, the hair count was less in the group that used the solution than those that didn’t

‘Changes in hair count and thickness from the baseline at 16 weeks were evaluated using a phototrichogram,’ explained the scientists in their write-up.

‘The phototrichogram at week 8 showed more increase in hair count in the IG (intervention group) than in the CG (control group), and intergroup differences in the change of hair count remained significant until week 16 with overall changes of 28.1% vs 7.1%, respectively.

‘Similarly, a significant improvement in hair diameter was observed in the IG (14.2%) after 16 weeks when compared with hair diameter in the CG (6.3%).

‘Our findings suggest that the application of the ADSC-CE topical solution has enormous potential as an alternative therapeutic strategy for hair regrowth in patients with AGA, by increasing both hair density and thickness while maintaining adequate treatment safety,’ they wrote.

So any men with a fear of failing follicles may want to keep an eye on pharmacy shelves for the moment they can walk in and buy a nice tub of ADSC-CE topical solution.

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