Pranksters smear naked woman portrait across Spread Eagle Road in city centre

A set of pranksters have smeared a famous portrait of a naked woman across a road named "Spread Eagle Road".

The painting, which shows a woman lying naked in the street, has appeared in the busy city centre of Gloucester, with the image thought to be a copy of a famed Gustave Courbet painting.

Courbet's painting, L'Origine du monde, appears to have been replicated and printed onto the Spread Eagle Road by pranksters, who have yet to be identified.

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Passers by seem to believe that the rude piece is actually a tribute to the street it has been positioned on, opposite the busy bus routes.

The street name mockery shows the L'Origine du monde positioned well above the street and right below a sign reading "Spread Eagle Street".

Locals will be able to spot the tongue-in-cheek tribute on many of the bus routes that travel through the city, with the art placement hanging there for several days.

The new addition to Spread Eagle Road appears to be just a stone's throw away from St. Peter's Catholic Church and was mounted to one of the many derelict buildings on the street.

L'Origine du monde appears to have been propped up against one of the buildings that has remained derelict for some years.

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Civic leaders across Gloucestershire had complained of the derelict buildings, which they described as an "eyesore" for the city that required desperate maintenance.

Speaking to GloucestershireLive back in April on the state of the street, Councillor Angela Conder said: "Spread Eagle Court is a continuing eyesore in a prominent position in Northgate Street.

"More importantly, it now appears to be in an unsafe condition."

Whether action will be taken over the derelict building is a matter for the council, but until then, it appears to have become an impromptu art installation for a tongue-in-cheek painting, which now sits in prime view.

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