Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Exit Had Prince Philip 'Seething With Anger'

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex ruffled more than a few feathers when they announced their big exit from the royal family. Members of the news media who called them out for the way the announcement was worded. Fans felt cheated out of the opportunity to see what the couple would have done with their platform.

It seems as though everyone had some issue with the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan decided to leave the royal circle. Still, there is one person in particular who has been struggling with Prince Harry’s exit — a family member that has been historically very close to Prince Harry.

There was rumored to be tension within the royal family

It has long been whispered that there has been some serious tension brewing within the royal family. Many reports claim that Meghan caused a rift between Prince Harry and Prince William, stemming from a time when Prince William told his younger brother to exercise caution when it came to Markle. Reportedly, the future king told Prince Harry that he should reconsider getting engaged so soon, and this angered Prince Harry.

Prince Harry basically confirmed the feud in late 2019, when he admitted to a reporter that he and Prince William no longer see eye to eye on certain issues. Prince William wasn’t the only one to question Prince Harry’s attachment to Meghan. Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, reportedly told his grandson not to marry Meghan, which could have put a serious strain on their once-close relationship. 

Prince Philip’s reaction to Prince Harry’s announcement

Prince Philip and Prince Harry have always been close. The two shared a tight bond while Prince Harry was growing up, and when Prince Philip recently retired from royal duties, Prince Harry was the one honored with the task of fulfilling a few of his most important roles. Therefore, when Prince Harry announced that he was planning to step back as a senior royal, Prince Philip was likely very upset.

According to a recent report, when Prince Philip first heard the news, he was furious with his grandson and stormed angrily around the palace. As the days went on, and the reality of the situation sunk in, Prince Philip has become “deeply saddened.” The source for the report states that the situation is “a cause of great sadness to both the Duke and Prince Harry” and that “the separation from duty cuts very deep on both sides.”

Will Prince Harry and Prince Philip rekindle their relationship?

Prince Harry and Meghan are now on their own, and actively pursuing opportunities on their own terms. While Prince Harry hasn’t yet given an in-depth interview about all of the circumstances surrounding the big royal exit, it is only a matter of time before he speaks out to clear the air.

The question of whether or not Prince Harry and Prince Philip will be able to reconcile is a trickier matter. Now that Meghan and Prince Harry will be spending more time in the United States and Canada, and less in the United Kingdom, they will certainly see the royal family less than ever before.

Perhaps, at some point in the future, Prince Harry will be able to find some quiet time to chat with his grandfather and talk through any issues that might have formed in the past several years. After all, their bond is surely too important to be discarded entirely, and there is certainly still love between the two of them.

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