Psychic Uri Geller claims he was hit by UFO when he was five-years-old

Uri Geller claims he was hit by an alien 'foo fighter’ when he was a child.

The legendary spoon-bender said he was struck by one of the phenomena – strange balls of light some pilots have reported following their aircraft – when he was a five-year-old boy.

He has believed in UFOs and aliens ever since.

Uri, 75, revealed his close encounter on Instagram after a new report revealed mysterious balls of light’ chased a US Navy warship last year.

"Many pilots have also seen balls of light following their planes,’’ he said. "During World War 2 they were nicknamed foo fighters."

"And when I was five-years-old I also had an encounter with a bizarre ball of light – which not only followed me but also struck me!

"Sometimes these sightings are explained away as ball lightning, but these lights appear to be very much under conscious control.

"Other people have reported similar experiences throughout history. So how long have they been watching us?’’

Uri said Beatle John Lennon told him strange insect-like creatures once visited him in his apartment and left behind a weird metal egg.

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While Dr David Jacobs, a professor at Temple University in Pennsylvania, US, claimed his research into UFOs had led him to conclude alien beings are not only visiting our planet but are secretly living among us, Uri added.

The psychic reckons aliens will teach humans how to eradicate all disease, boosting the average lifespan to 220 years.

He is convinced anyone born today will meet extraterrestrials during their lifetime.

But instead of being hostile he predicted the visitors from outer space would help humans unlock mysteries of seemingly incurable diseases – allowing everyone to live much longer.

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