Rebekah Vardy claims ex-agent driven to suicidal thoughts amid WAGatha case

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Rebekah Vardy has claimed her former agent Caroline Watt has been driven to suicidal thoughts because of her High Court libel trial against Coleen Rooney.

She told the court: "I think she has been driven to suicidal thoughts by these proceedings and the antics of the defendant."

Vardy, the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, is suing fellow WAG Coleen for libel in the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Coleen, the wife of former England goal-scorer Wayne Rooney, accused Vardy of leaking private information from her Instagram account in October 2019.

The third day of the trial kicked off on Thursday (May 12), where Vardy claimed her former agent Caroline Watt has been driven to suicidal thoughts by the court proceedings and the "antics" of Rooney, the defendant.

It came during a heated court exchange between Vardy and Rooney's lawyer, David Sherborne, as the model stood at the witness box for questioning.

Sherborne accused Vardy of leaking Rooney's private information and called her a "leak" during the chat about Watt, who has refused to give evidence in court.

The discussion focused on evidence which vanished from Vardy's phone, of which contained months of messages between Rebekah and her former agent.

He told Vardy: "If it looks like a leak, and sounds like a leak and you even use the word leak it is more likely than not to be a leak."

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Vardy was crying as she replied: "No."

Sherborne replied: "That's what you are, isn't it, a leak?", to which Vardy again replied: "No."

Rooney's lawyer then suggested his client was right to expose her, but Vardy insisted: "No, she was wrong."

Sherborne said Vardy "didn't want to do the dirty work" herself and roped in Watt who is refusing to give evidence on her behalf.

Continuing to cry, Vardy said: "I think she has been driven to suicidal thoughts by these proceedings and the antics of the defendant."

Sherborne responded; "It not her [Rooney] that betrayed you as you suggest it is you that have betrayed her by throwing her under the bus.

Vardy replied: "That's a joke," before the court was adjourned until Friday.

Earlier in the court chat, Vardy denied Sherborne's claim she had deliberately deleted WhatsApp messages between her and Watt before October 15 2019 when she tried to export them to her solicitors.

The WAG told the court: "Deleted, no. It was extremely unfortunate. I believe these messages would have been extremely important in this case."

Vardy added: "I've been accused of a lot of things".

When Sherborne asked her why a further nine months of messages had also vanished from her phone, Vardy replied: "I can only imagine I switched phones in that period."

Sherborne said Watt had dropped her phone into the North Sea as she was `filming the coastline' on a boat trip days after a judge had ordered it to be searched for messages related to the trial.

Watt stopped cooperating "a while ago", Sherborne said.

Sherborne said there were no messages left between Vardy and one of the main journalists involved in the case.

Vardy said: "No.'' before Sherborne accused her of being a leak.

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