Reddit baffled by optical illusion which tricks you to think gears are moving

A mind-boggling optical illusion is surfacing the internet after it was shared on Reddit by user @dhruveishp.

The brainteaser tricks you into thinking stationary gears are moving and it’s already been viewed a whopping one million times.

In the clip, it shows three interlocking gears on a grey background, with the gears themselves flashing between orange and blue.

But thanks to an effect called the “Reverse Phi illusion”, the flashing creates an impression that the gears are rotating when they're not.

It occurs when our eyes see sudden transitions from either light to dark or dark to light, making our brains think it’s a motion.

In this case, the gears flash through different shades of red and blue – making us think they’re actually rotating anti-clockwise.

And unsurprisingly, Reddit users were baffled by the optical illusion, with more than 400 people commenting on the post.

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One said: “I think my eyes broke.”

Another commented: “This post really grinds my gears.”

A third wrote: “Should I be vomiting this much?”

While a fourth warned: “Seizure trigger warning.”

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One said: “I can’t f***ing see it.”

A second joked: “F*** that’s an annoying illusion. Good luck using the keyboard.”

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