Robotics Meets the Japanese Zen Garden in This New Olympic Installation

Since the 8th Century CE, the Japanese zen garden has been used as a space to offer tranquility and help its user meditate on the nature of existence. To complement this year’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, Jason Bruges Studio has created an installation that uses the zen garden as grounds to explore the relationship between art, technology and sport.

Entitled, The Constant Gardners, the project is driven by a software that analyzes athletes movements and translates them into dynamic representative illustrations that are created in tandem by four giant robotic arms. 150 such illustrations will be made throughout the duration of the games in Ueno park, as part of the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13.

The Constant Gardners was commissioned by the The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo and is in partnership with the British Council. More than just an awe-inspiring installation, Jason Bruges Studio built the work with the aim to cause reflection in the public, where robotics and the many technologies that accompany it can be used for creative, holistic and sustainable purposes.

You can witness the installation on view until September 5.

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Ueno Park
Tokyo, Japan
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