Royal fans think cringe Kate Middleton faked playing piano for Eurovision

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Just call her the Princess of Fails.

Royal fans are under the impression that Kate Middleton wasn’t actually playing the piano during her surprise Eurovision performance over the weekend.

The Princess of Wales delighted viewers when she made a cameo in the opening scene of the competition’s grand finale where she played a few bars of Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra’s song “Stefania” on the piano.

Her piano performance was pre-recorded earlier this month in the Crimson Drawing Room of Windsor Castle.

But piano aficionados are convinced that Middleton, 41, was faking her skills at tickling the ivory and took to Twitter to accuse her of acting.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, Kate wasn’t actually playing the piano. Someone else was. She & her people faked the whole thing. Her fingers were not on the rt chords & those who play piano by ear/are musicians could tell. My oldest son pointed this out to me.😩😭😂🤣,” one person tweeted on Sunday.

“Lots of people angry in the music industry. One of my contacts asks ‘why she is constantly shoehorned into things she does not have the skills for.’ She should stick to doing angry looking photos in posh carriages,” a second person wrote.

“I hv played for three years. I took lessons. Piano is not easy. I gave up half way.and took my time to self learn. the way she placed her finger it’s awkward and not sure if she knew wht treble clef & bass clef is. Sorry she is just acting. Hopefully it lands her a job,” a third claimed.

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“She played all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order…,” someone joked.

“It was painful to watch. Cringe,” a critic added.

However, other music experts defended the wife of Prince William, with some chalking it up to technical difficulties.

“Piano teacher here. It’s likely she played, they filmed her and the sound and picture just didn’t sync. Kate had lessons for quite a while, reaching about grade four. There was an interview with her piano teacher on her wedding day,” someone offered.

“She is playing. She has played before. Whether it was in sync another question. Who cares, well done her👍,” a defender shared.

“I’m team H&M [Harry & Meghan] all the way but is it possible they just weren’t matching up the sound and video? It appears to sway in and out,” a third questioned.

“Catherine has played the piano in public before, she plays very well, it was her playing,” a fan said.

This isn’t the first time that Middleton has showcased her piano playing and famously accompanied Tom Walker for a Christmas 2021 performance at Westminster Abbey.

Reps for Middleton and Eurovision did not immediately respond to Page Six’s requests for comment.

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