Ryanair passenger furious after paying for window seat with no window – but airline's cheeky response divides opinion | The Sun

RYANAIR has cheekily responded to a passenger who complained about getting a window seat – without a window.

Twitter user @plattsie28 sent an angry tweet to the airline after boarding the aircraft only to find he was sat next to a wall and not a window, as he had expected.

He simply wrote: "Where’s my WINDOW SEAT? @Ryanair."

However, the budget carrier was having none of his complaint and instead suggested he had been smuggling extra luggage onto the plane in his sweatshirt.

They tweeted: "Pay for the baggage you've stored under your jumper & we can talk."

The airline's response shocked some people, although others have come to expect them bring so forward on Twitter.

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One person commented: "To be expected I suppose from this customer service nightmare airline."

However the airline corrected that person too, stating: "This isn't a customer service channel."

Others said the airline were "fat shaming" the passenger by suggesting he had extra luggage hidden up his jumper.

One said: "Fat shaming in 2023, casual."

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Another wrote: "Fat shaming isn’t cool."

The airline explained that they were making fun of the fact the picture had been taken with a 0.5 lens setting, which can sometimes make things look larger and rounder, rather than the passenger's weight.

They said: "Tell us you don't get the 0.5 lens joke without telling us you don't get the 0.5 lens joke."

Other people were on the airline's side, with one woman saying the man had nothing to complain about.

She commented: "A safe flight would be my priority, a window is unimportant, the sky is the sky!"

Another found the airline's response very funny, adding: "This got me in stitches."

Sun Online Travel has contacted Ryanair for comment.

It's not the first time the airline has responded to passengers complaining about being sat next to the wall instead of the window.

Last year, they clapped back at a woman's jibe when she tweeted about the view from her allocated seat.

The passenger Paula Sanchez posted a photo of herself sitting next to the blank interior side of the plane without a view.

In the caption she sarcastically called out Ryanair's flight booking system and demanded a refund of the £7 seat allocation fee.

She wrote: "When you pay for a window and you get no window? Who is giving me the money back?”

But rather than bowing to Paula's commands or apologising for the unexpected seat type, Ryanair replied with a cheeky comment a day later.

The tweet read: "We sell seats, not windows, Paula."

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