SAS hardman Ant Middleton says trolls are ‘cowards’ who need clip round the ear

SAS hardman Ant Middleton has labelled trolls as “cowards” and warned they’d have been given a “clip round the ear” in the old days.

The ex-soldier, 39, said he brushes off online insults as “water off a duck’s back”.

But he sympathises with some keyboard warriors who he claims must be “desperate”.

He said: “With negativity I flip it into positivity. Social media has bred a voice for cowards. If someone was going to be disrespectful back in the day they’d have to do it to your face and you’d give them a clip round the ear.”

The adventurer believes trolls are often struggling in their own lives.

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He said: “When you’re riddled with negativity, you have issues.

“But I do sympathise with people, like: ‘That’s really bad for you.’”

The SAS: Who Dares Wins host recalled a recent incident when a man asked him if he did discounts for members of the military who see his shows.

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Ant explained it was not possible because he had no way to confirm his identity. When the man sent him abuse, the dad-of-five messaged him to ask him if he was struggling.

He offered him two free tickets and spoke to him.

The star said: “I brought him backstage and said: ‘Look, if you’ve got something to say don’t go about it that way’.

“If your life is that bad and you’re going down a road that you’re coming on to social media to highlight a point, then it’s a case that you’re desperate.”

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