Sheep farmer goes viral after shearing own hair during coronavirus lockdown

An Irish sheep farmer has gone viral during the coronavirus pandemic — for shearing his own hair.

“That’s the last time that’ll blow in the wind for a while,” Donie Anderson, who lives in the Dublin Mountains, said in a video he posted on Facebook.

Barbers have closed shop during the outbreak, but that is not why the 62-year-old took matters into his own hands, saying he cuts his wayward locks by himself all the time.

“I normally shear it at Christmas but there were bad colds around then and I was to be an extra in a local drama of ‘The Field’ so I left it,” he told the Irish Examiner.

“The weather was warm today so I cut it, using the phone screen as a mirror. It’s normally a bit neater,” he added. “Sure the shears are as good as any and the hair will start to grow back in a few days anyway.”

Anderson is an old hand with the tool and has won several sheep-shearing championships in Ireland, according to the news outlet.

He also takes part in dog shows, sheep dog trials and demonstrations with his working dog Jess.

“Jess is great. She can also round up ducks as well as sheep,” he told the paper.

Local Councillor Paddy Meade, who met Anderson at a dog show, said: “Fair play to him. A talented shepherd who I think should consider opening a barbershop when this pandemic comes to an end.”

He added: “Personally, I’m also in need of a haircut, so I’ve been studying Donie’s technique fairly closely. Though with no dances or parties to go to, I guess I’m in no big rush to cut or perhaps I’m just not as brave or as talented as Donie.”

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