Shoppers rush to buy 'brilliant' air fryer reduced by £70 | The Sun

SHOPPERS are rushing out to buy a "brilliant" air fryer that's been slashed by £70.

The 11-litre 9-in-1 Tefal fryer comes with multiple cooking options and costs £149 down from £219.99 – a more than 30% discount.

Plus, new customers can get the appliance for £126.65 if it's their first Tefal purchase.

The fryer is proving popular online, and comes with a 4.2 out of 5 star rating.

There's hundreds of glowing reviews too, including from one shopper who said: "Absolutely brilliant and so versatile."

Another happy shopper said: "Amazing bit of kit.

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"The food comes out better than restaurant standard.

"I only use this now. Cooked a whole medium chicken with honey wow so juicy and the steaks are just unbelievable."

One five-star review reads: "I really love the Easy Fry.

"The grill is amazing. We’ve done peri peri chicken and came out perfect.

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"The fish was divine. The first time ever I’ve done pizza and everyone loved it. No more take away."

Of course, it's always worth shopping around when investing this amount of money on anything.

You can use the Google Shopping tab to scour the internet for better options, or if you're set on a particular model, go direct to a company's website.

We had a look around and did find some other models online cheaper than the Tefal model.

Robert Dyas is selling an 11-litre air fryer for £99.99, down from £119.99.

Meanwhile, Boots has a 5-in-1 11-litre model on sale for £109.99.

Some other retailers are selling the exact same Tefal 9-in-1 model – Argos has it in stock for £149 while Curry's also has it for the same price.

Are air fryers cheaper than ovens?

Air fryers have surged in popularity since energy bills soared as they can be cheaper to use than a conventional oven.

They can be a healthier option too as they use less oil.

But they might not always be the cheapest option, and sometimes it is easier to cook larger meals in an oven.

If you want to work out whether an air fryer is actually cheaper than your oven, you can use a simple formula:

Cost = power (in kWh) × time (in hours) × price of 1 kilowatt on your energy tariff.

So, if for example, you have an air fryer that consumes 2,000 watts, you are using it for one hour and the cost of electricity is priced at 34p per 1,000 watts, the formula would be:

2 x 1 x 34p = 68p

If you used it for two hours, the formula would be:

2 x 2 x 34p = 136p (£1.36)

You can use the same formula with any appliance, so you can do this with your oven and work out the difference in price.

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