Sky Sports presenter Dave Clark talks us through his five greatest moments in darts

Sky Sports presenter Dave Clark finally spills the beans and talks us through his five greatest-ever moments in darts.

The darts anchorman has been at Sky Sports since its inception. He took over the presenting gig for the arrows after replacing Jeff Stelling.

Clark, who spoke to us about his experience of living and working with Parkinson’s disease, now gives us his top-five moments in the sport.

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In at number five… it’s Hendo

Big John Henderson two years ago in Aberdeen. We had this Contender come into the Premier League because Gary Anderson pulled out through injury. Rory Hopkins, the producer of Sky Sports Darts, thought we should have a guest every week.

So the guest in Aberdeen was John Henderson, the unlikeliest of heroes. A big guy whose walk-on was out of this world. The bagpipes were playing and the atmosphere was amazing. It was just one of those memorable days in darts, big smile on his face. He was in tears by the time he made his way on the stage.

Number four… history, history for Taylor!

Phil Taylor’s first-ever live darter on Sky Sports was incredible. I was sharing the darts with Jeff Stelling then. I was doing the start of tournaments and he would do the end of tournaments.

So I was on the motorway driving down. I pulled into a service station drinking a coffee when my phone rang. It was one of the guys who was working on the darts, ‘you’re never going to believes this, Taylor’s just got a nine-darter’. I missed it, which was ridiculous. Jeff got all the glory and I missed out.

This was the moment, great commentary from Sid Waddell – ‘history, history’ he shouts. So memorable.

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At number three… two nine-darters & a Prince

Phil Taylor’s two nine-darters in the 2010 Premier League final. It was brilliant because we were at Wembley Arena the night before and we were supposed to be doing it live, but due to a power cut in the area, it postponed until the next night.

I said to Sid Waddell during the show, I hope we will see you tomorrow night and he said ‘I’ve got a prior engagement, but I’ll see what I can do’.

We came off air when he said ‘I’m supposed to going to a dinner with Prince Charles. So he got on the phone, rang Prince Charles and ‘I can’t see you tomorrow, I’m doing the darts with Sky’. He came back the next night, two nine-darters and Taylor nearly got a third – it was an amazing night.

He got on the phone, rang Prince Charles and ‘I can’t see you tomorrow, I’m doing the darts with Sky’

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In at number two… it’s all gone orange in Rotterdam

The Premier League is always special and Raymond van Barneveld in Rotterdam. The first time we were there, everyone was in orange, amazing night, and Barney walked on to his Eye of the Tiger song.

The goosebumps were up my arms. It was incredible – one of those amazing moments when everyone was watching.

Brilliant performance from Barney. He walked on, the crowd went wild. He did the lean back with his arms stretched out – simply incredible.

And at number one…

My favourite ever moment in Darts has to be the 2007 world championship final. Phil Taylor against Raymond van Barneveld.

It just had everything. Barney came over from the BDO and he said I want to do three things. ‘I want to beat Phil Taylor, get a nine-darter and win the world title’.

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